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7-year Warranty Sticker (EZ-Done ) for Textile Bank

Model #



Per customer design


Customized sizes are available


UV Protected


Customized color or Standard colors


Standard Material 

High quality Material


3 years

7 years




Production time

Per customer quantity

Per customer quantity

Detailed Product Description

7 years warranty

The stickers can be in proper use for 7 years, and it won’t peel off under standard condition.

Also there are 3 year warranty stickers that are both good in quality and lower on price.

3 types of stickers  

3 types of stickers are now for customer option.

Lettering in any color

Whole piece of colorful picture sticker

Lettering on one piece of transparent background 

50% saved on cost

You will save 50% the cost on stickers compared with getting the sticker from local market.


Mark out:

Origin                    Shenzhen,China

Payment Terms      Westunion,T/T,100% paid before shippment 

Supply Ability        10,000 Sets per Month 

Delivery Time,25-40 DAYS,accurate time according to the accurate quantity.


Product features:

1. The JNZ EZ-Done Stickers for textile banks are made of High quality plastic and paper mixture

2. You can have 3 options for the stickers, 1-year or 3-year or 7-year warranty.           

3. No peel-off within its warranty.

4. Easyly done on each bins.



1.Perfect design and top quality.

2.Service time guranteed.

3. Customized Quote on Different Quantities and different Design(Quantity discount). 

4.Customized Shipping Methods.