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Bicycle Storage Shed J-BS-04

Bicycle Storage Shed


Model #



Cold-rolled steel / Galvanized steel

Surface finish

Eco-friendly powder coating


Size: 1340~1150 (H)×915(D)×1830(W) mm 

         52.7~ 45.3 (H)x36 (D)x 72 (W) inch  

Custom size are available.


Customized color or Standard colors


1.2mm/ 18gauge


Load capacity

250kgs/ 550lbs

350kgs/ 770lbs

Detailed Product Description

The JNZ Iceburg Garden storage shed offers ample outdoor storage for your family's outdoor items. Besides, the garden shed gives you a free life style that you won't be bothered by messy household items in your dinning room or bedroom. Also its shiny colors or matte paint properly shows your quality quietly and brilliantly. There are 8 colors for your option. This attractive storage solution provides security and easy access to your lawnmower, kid's bicycles, trash bins and other tools. If you want to make your house looks more tidy either from outside or inside, this secure metal storage shed is the perfect choice. You can store your bikes, mowers, trash bins, car-fixing tools, almost everything into to the shed. And they will also be well organized in the shed with its multi-function design. Like other JNZ products, this item is made from anti-rust, heavy-duty, weatherproof metal sheet. It can be in service for over 10 years and it is very safe with double locking system(optional). It has eye-catching colors and will look great for many years to come. Its metal construction provides dent-proof, water-resistant, fade-proof , durability. In addition, your JNZ sheds will never peel or rot. Steel reinforcement adds strength to this sturdy storage product. Keep your pool toys, grill, lawnmower, garden tools, patio furniture and other belongings secure, organized and safe in all kinds of weather. Keep up to two 96-gallon or 360-liter trash bins neat and in one place, or store two adult and two children's bicycles for safekeeping. This Iceburg garden storage shed measures 180W x 90D x 134H cm, or 71''W x 35''D x 50''H. The air springs make it easy for you to open of the lid. From lawnmowers or kids' bikes to heavy, full garbage cans, the sloped entrance makes it easy to load all types of items into the structure without the need for heavy lifting.  Its powder-coated surface is easy to clean with the swipe of a damp cloth, and its ventilated structure helps prevent mildew, moisture and unpleasant odors. Its convenient access, carefree maintenance, eye-catching color scheme, extreme durability and weather-proof exterior make this garden storage shed the ideal option for your outdoor storage needs. Trust JNZ Iceburge to provide you and your family with high-quality storage options that stand the test of time.



1.The JNZ bike shed is an approved unit, suitable for high risk areas, or areas where your unit may be isolated.

2.JNZ bike shed has been constructed to be even tougher with additional stiffeners, extra bolts, lock shrouds .

3.JNZ bike shed  is a hardwearing store with a vented roof to reduce condensation and help to keep your bikes safe and dry.

4.The large double door access can be handed by the user to suit a specific location.

5.The JNZ bike shed also features a rain guard above the door providing a little extra protection in extreme weather conditions.

6.The JNZ bike shed is made of cold steel sheet ,durable abd security.

7.The JNZ bike shed is powder coated with eco-friendly outdoor powder, anti-rust .

8.Size: 1340~1150 (H)×915(D)×1830(W) mm / 52.7~ 45.3 (H)x36 (D)x 72 (W) inch  

9.We accept custom size ,as well as combining with professional design.

10.The JNZ bike shed is designed with storage box  and shelf.

11.The JNZ bike shed is designed and produced as knocked-down type, convenient to transport and storage ,saving shipping cost for customer;

12.The knocked-down JNZ bike storage shed is very easy to assemble. It takes 2 person 10 minutes to assemble one bike shed.

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