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JNZ_Inventor of knock-down structure of clothing bins
2014-06-12 03:32:28

JNZ, the Inventor of knock-down structure of clothing donation bins

----Gift from JNZ to 'LEGO' players


JNZ Enterprise is a group of creative persons who are full of ideas in mind and have a lot of experimental practices. So years ago, JNZ started the invention of knock-down structure of the clothing donation bins mainly to solve the problem of high shipping cost.

After years and years experience of production of new types of models, JNZ found a lot of fun in creating new models. Also JNZ has been developing new structures again and again to make the bins more aesthetic and useful.

Later on, JNZ wants to add some fun to assembling the clothing donation bins. Actually, JNZ is making such knock-down clothing donation bins into the 'LEGO' bricks for grown-up 'LEGO'ers' .


Please enjoy the assembling fun of JNZ 'LEGO' STRUCTURE clothing donation bins!