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Welcome to JNZ


   JNZ Enterprise is China Top 1 manufacturer of clothing drop boxes/ book drop boxes with 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing metal outdoor furniture. With the business growing and production capacity expanding, JNZ Enterprise is now specialised in clothing drop boxes/ book drop boxes. Our company own a factory with more than 3,000 square meters plant ,200 employees and 135 sets of production equipments.Our company has  a clothing donation bin  development  team composed of 7 engineers ,which are full of experience engineering of 3D molding,mechanism,machinofacture and spry process.  As so far we totally obtained 4 patents on 9 models of clothing recycling bins.

Currently, JNZ clothing drop boxes/ book drop boxes have been used on 4 continents, North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia, serving 10+ countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, HK, China etc.

    We pay high attention on the detail of design and production of the clothing donation bins to ensure the best quality and stability. Rigorous design is the first key point of  the excellent product. Every models of JNZ clothing donation bins repeatedly demonstrated with 3D molding on outlook,material ,structure ,strength, function ,packaging and shipping , simply assembling and lifetime .After bin model clarified and examined to be qualified and  optimal ,the strict production process is a very important guarantee  of top class of quality on the clothing drop boxes/ book drop boxes, including sawing sheet, punch, bend, pre-treatment, welding ,spray, assembling  etc. As to JNZ bins, every step of the process is operated based on corresponding operating procedures and inspection standards.After production finished, all bins should be quality tested according to JNZ bins quality standard and customized requirements before shipment.

    JNZ  bins are advantage with rainproof ,rust proof,antitheftand long lifetime due to the excellent design and serious production process.And becasue of this, our company win the favour of customers all over the world.It is also the honor and the mission for JNZ Enterprise that contribute the share for the world green by high quality of clothing drop boxes/ book drop boxes.